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The 2024 Dimitri Mitropoulos International Competition For Conducting

The 16th Dimitri Mitropoulos International Competition for Conducting

The Dimitri Mitropoulos International Competition was created in 1996 to mark the centenary of the birth of the great Greek conductor and composer Dimitri Mitropoulos.

Its basic purpose, which is to urge new musicians to be inspired by Dimitri Mitropoulos’s selfless dedication to music, has been supported in the past by personalities such as Luciano Berio, George Crumb, Sir Neville Marriner, Rudolph Barshai, Cesare Mazzonis and Christobal Halffter, who served as Chairmen of the Competition Jury over the years.

The competition was organized alternately for Conducting and Composing by the Orchestra of Colors in collaboration with Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall until 2011. It is now revived under the auspices of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra in collaboration [co-production] with the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Dr. Antonios I. Konstantinidis Vice-President of the TSSO

As the Board of the Economic Committee of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, we welcome and support the re-establishment and continuation of the 16th “Dimitri Mitropoulos” International Competition, which will be held at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall on 28-31 May under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

We believe that such a musical event is not simply an event honouring the internationally renowned Greek conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos, but also an important and qualitative institutional intervention aiming at strengthening Greece’s musical culture and accentuating TSSO’s pivotal role in this culture and its overall contribution.

In the hope and firm belief that the 16th International Competition will constitute not only a springboard for young, promising artists, composers and conductors, but also a point of reference in their future development, we are confident that the re-establishment of the Competition will be a new beginning that will meet aspirations and ambitions, crown efforts and reward hard work for the mutual benefit of music, education and culture.

Dr. Antonios I. Konstantinidis

In the past, the “Dimitri Mitropoulos” international competition for conductors and composition was one of the most important international competitions of its kind – important not only for Greece, but mostly for the cultural impact it had on the new generations of conductors and composers. Its long absence from the international music stage created a void that was as big as the effect it had during the years it was organised. The Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra is happy and proud to announce that, with the generous and unflagging support of the Ministry of Culture, it decided to re-establish this prestigious cultural event, beginning this year with a competition for conductors. True to tradition –according to which presidents of the evaluation committees were always leading artists of the world– this year we have the honour of welcoming to Thessaloniki the renowned concertmaster Thomas Sanderling as president of the evaluation committee. At the same time, we would like to thank all the important organisations that helped us organise the competition: the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the National Symphony Orchestra of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, the Sofia Philharmonic and the State Opera of Plovdiv, organisations with which the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra has forged a strong collaboration via the programme “Thessaloniki – Sofia: Balkan Cultural Bridge”. We are looking forward to May 2024, when we will welcome in Thessaloniki some of the most talented young conductors and we invite the public to attend this very special event.

Simos Papanas

Simos Papanas

Simos Papanas

Miltos Logiadis

It has been 28 years since the first “Dimitri Mitropoulos” competition was organised by the Orchestra of Colours in cooperation with the Athens Concert Hall. The idea for the competition was first conceived by the Artistic Director of the Orchestra of Colours Yorgos Kouroupos, with the full support of Mr. Thanos Mikroutsikos, Minister of Culture at the time; a competition in the name of the prominent Greek conductor and composer Dimitri Mitropoulos, targeted at young conductors and composers up to the age of 35. The competition was organised every year alternatively for conductors and for composers and was one of the most important international competitions of its kind.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis that hit Greece led many cultural organisations, including the Orchestra of Colours, to suspend their activities. As a result, the last competition was held in 2010.

Personally, as the permanent conductor of the Orchestra of Colours, not only I have had the opportunity to oversee all the “Dimitri Mitropoulos” competitions for composition, but also I have been a member of the evaluation committee of all the “Dimitri Mitropoulos” competitions for conductors. Thus, I have been very closely involved in the Competition and have seen the impact it has had on the international music scene. In the past, notable artists have sat on these evaluation committees, such as conductors Sir Nevill Mariner and Claudio Simone or composers Luciano Berio, George Crumb and Rodion Shchedrin. In addition, notable Greek concertmasters and composers, such as Vasilis Christopoulos and Michalis Economou, have emerged and gained notability through the Competition.

Thus, I wholeheartedly welcome the decision of the TSSO Artistic Director Simos Papanas to re-establish this institution and would like to thank the Ministry of Culture for its crucial support, so that this institution, which is so important for the Greek music stage, could continue to operate and provide opportunities to young musicians through the extraordinary Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra.

For this competition always was and will continue to be Greece’s window to the international music stage and an opportunity for young Greek and foreign conductors and composers to spotlight their work and realise their dreams.

I would like to wish everyone a good start.

Miltos Logiadis


  • 1st Prize: 14.000 Euro
  • 2nd prize: 7.000 Euro
  • 3rd prize: 3.000 Euro

For the first prize winner there will be offered additional concerts with:

  • 1 concert with Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra
  • 1 concert with the Sofia Philharmonic
  • 1 radio concert with the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • 1 concert with the Plovdiv Opera


Thomas Sanderling (Jury chairman)

Conductor, former Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra and former Music Director of Osaka Symphony Orchestra

Miltos Logiadis

Conductor, Orchestral Conducting Professor at Ionian University

Michalis Economou

Conductor, Composer, Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra Music Director

Γεώργιος Βράνος

Georgios Vranos

Conductor, Professor at Department of Music Science & Art, University of Macedonia


Viliana Valtcheva

Sofia Philharmonic Director

Dian Chobanov

Plovdiv Opera General Musical Director

Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra

Competition Timeline

April 15th, 2024

Closing date for entries.

April, 30th 2024

Notification of the 12 successful candidates, selected on the basis of the videos and application material.

May 10th, 2024

The successful candidates must confirm their participation. Should any of the candidates fail to communicate their intention to participate or decide not to attend, their place will be taken by the next runner-up.